Victoria Arts Adventures March 2014

Victoria Arts Adventures March 2014. When I started writing about the arts, some of my first posts were an attempt to capture what was happening on a seasonal basis in the theatre community in Victoria BC.  It provided a place to get all the theatre listings in one place—I figured if I was having trouble keeping it straight most people would have the same problem.  Since 2011 the number of offerings has increased exponentially, and I've also … [Read more...]

A Place to Listen season two – interview with founder Daniel Brandes

A Place to Listen season two - interview with founder Daniel Brandes. In late 2012 I met Daniel Brandes (UVic M.Mus ’10), composer, curator and founder of a new listening series A Place to Listen, and in the process, found a musical home. What started for Brandes as one concert, a way to showcase music from the Wandelweiser collective, and fellow musicians and composers, has resulted in 10 concerts over a year, and the launch of a second … [Read more...]

A Place to Listen 9 – July 17, 2013

To sit, and listen - it's become an extraordinary gift in our busy and hectic schedules.  Some prefer to listen in relative silence, perhaps in a sanctuary or religious building, others gravitate to naturescapes like the seashore or the edge of a river. Lovers of music now have a new concert series to consider. A Place to Listen is the brainchild of Daniel Brandes, a young Victoria-based composer and member of the Wandelweiser school. Once a … [Read more...]

A Place to Listen 8 – June 19, 2013

Summer brings time to slow down, relax and simply be – nights spent round campfires listening to the crackle of wood and flame, afternoons at the beach as waves lap the shore and children giggle in the distance, mornings deep in the woods where birds titter and leaves sigh. Since last fall, composer Daniel Brandes has curated a listening series that hearkens to these times and provides A Place to Listen. “Rather than a concert series, this is … [Read more...]

A Place to Listen 7 – April 17th, 2013

In our hectic modern lives, taking the time to stop, breathe in, and listen to the sounds around us seems to be such a luxury. Afford yourself the treat of A Place to Listen 7, a concert for listening in the intimate venue of James Bay United Church. Victoria-area composer Daniel Brandes has been a student of Antoine Beuger's Wanderweiser School and now brings us a different way of approaching music. For our 7th concert, A Place to Listen … [Read more...]

A Place to Listen 6 – March 20th, 2013

I've had the great pleasure of attending several of Daniel Brandes' A Place to Listen concerts.  It's time well spent, focusing on sound and silence, in the intimate venue of James Bay United.  Time seems to evaporate, and I leave with a lasting impression of calm. If you too are willing to "stay awhile" I would recommend experiencing this concert series. For its 6th program, A Place to Listen presents the world premiere of other echoes inhabit … [Read more...]

“A Place to Listen” 5 – concert February 20th, 2013

Fans of field recordings, John Cage, new music and “listening between the notes” will want to attend the next A Place to Listen concert Wednesday February 20th, 7pm at James Bay United Church. A Place to Listen, Victoria’s newest experimental music series, is the brainchild of Daniel Brandes, a composer of the Wandelweiser school.  I first met Daniel at a “meet and greet” hosted for R. Murray Schaefer when he visited Victoria for the premiere of … [Read more...]

“A Place To Listen” concert – January 16th

I have declared 2013 to be The Year of Taking More Risks, Having More Fun, and Expanding Cultural Horizons.  I love that, sometimes, you can do all three at once. "A Place To Listen" is a new music concert series on the third Wednesday of the month, originated by Daniel Brandes in the fall of 2012.  You can read more about the December concert here and learn how I came to meet Daniel. The January 16th concert will feature the North American … [Read more...]

“A Place To Listen” concert December 19, 2012

I love how life works.  One of my goals has been to expand my cultural horizons, and push the boundaries of what I would normally watch, attend or listen to.  In November, during the Cage 100 celebrations and series, I had the opportunity to meet a number of young composers, among them Chrisopher Reiche of Open Space, and Daniel Brandes, founder of the "A Place To Listen" concert series. Just as in later work by Cage, Brandes is interested in … [Read more...]