Mamahood Bursting Into Light. UVic Phoenix Theatre Spotlight on Alumni. Interview.

Nicolle Nattrass, who graduated from the University of Victoria Theatre Department in 1991, brings her solo show Mamahood Bursting into Light to the UVic Phoenix Theatre October 9-20 as the “Spotlight on Alumni”.  She answered questions about the creation and refining process of creating this show, and its reception. What sparked the creation of this show (can you speak to the creation process)? Is this your first one person show? In … [Read more...]

Kitt and Jane, Alumni Spotlight at UVic’s Phoenix Theatre – a review

It’s the First International Wildlife Diversity Appreciation Day, and Kitt Pederson (Ingrid Hansen) and Lucas “Jane” Jameson (Rod Peter Jr) have been chosen out of all the Grade 9 students to make a brief presentation. What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out – plenty! Kitt and Jane, the current Alumni Spotlight at the University of Victoria’s Phoenix Theatre (October 17 – 26th) is the sequel to a previous Snafu Dance Theatre production, … [Read more...]

Peter N’ Chris – The Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel. A review.

Local fans of Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson, better known as the comedy duo “Peter N’ Chris”, will be pleased to know they’ve returned to Victoria and are currently the Alumni Spotlight at the University of Victoria Phoenix Theatre with The Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel. Graduates (in 2008) of UVic’s Theatre program, Carlone and Wilson were already regulars of Itsazoo Productions and Atomic Vaudeville when they mounted their eponymous … [Read more...]