Langham Court Theatre presents “Here’s To You Mrs Robinson” group art exhibition and sale. Mar 5-22 2014

Langham Court Theatre Presents ~ “Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson” Group Art Exhibition and Sale Langham Court Theatre has invited 30 artists of various backgrounds and mediums to produce work inspired by the 1960’s iconic coming-of-age story, The Graduate. The art show concept is to connect the art work to the theatrical production allowing the theatre audience to experience a unique opportunity of visual expression through the eyes and minds of … [Read more...]

Next Course, an exhibition at Metchosin Art Gallery Feb 2-24th 2013

There's nothing better, on a lazy and damp winter weekend, than to head out into the country for a ramble that involves art, food, and perhaps hiking.  Fortunately, living in Victoria, you can accomplish all three by travelling to Metchosin for a visit to the new contemporary, non-profit, Metchosin Art Gallery, created by the Metchosin Arts and Cultural Association. Curator Haley Finnigan (a UVic Visual Arts grad) has been extremely busy since … [Read more...]

Art Walks, Shows and Sales for the 2012 Holiday Season – Victoria BC

An impressive cornucopia of artistic treats awaits art lovers as the holiday season approaches.  How often have I heard people wish, sometimes with a trace of envy, that they had more art in their lives? I’m reminded of the old English proverb “What, a cat may look on a king, ye know!”  I may not have the finances to purchase all the art I would like to have hanging on my walls, but I can definitely attend art openings, studio tours, gallery … [Read more...]