Next Course, an exhibition at Metchosin Art Gallery Feb 2-24th 2013

There's nothing better, on a lazy and damp winter weekend, than to head out into the country for a ramble that involves art, food, and perhaps hiking.  Fortunately, living in Victoria, you can accomplish all three by travelling to Metchosin for a visit to the new contemporary, non-profit, Metchosin Art Gallery, created by the Metchosin Arts and Cultural Association. Curator Haley Finnigan (a UVic Visual Arts grad) has been extremely busy since … [Read more...]

Contemporary North Exhibit – Madrona Gallery

I trace my love of print making to a Pablo Picasso retrospective in Hamburg circa 1974.  With a couple of hours wait before the ferry left for Denmark, this art opening caught my eye. It was a very humbling experience for a young woman from Ucluelet (which at the time had no art galleries or shops) to have the opportunity to view, in person, works that covered his artistic career from start to finish. Prints afforded me the possibility of … [Read more...]