A 2016 Arts Prospective Victoria BC

A 2016 Arts Prospective. Victoria BC. From Pixabay by geralt A prospective—I’m eagerly awaiting the following productions, seasons, events, festivals, shows, new works, new artistic risks, and celebrations for a variety of reasons.  Some include—the first time a company has been able to produce a complete season (Scrumpy Productions); a significant milestone like a 5th (Sing Your Joy young adult chorus, Broken Rhythms) or 10th birthday (Snafu … [Read more...]

Victoria Arts Adventures April 2014

Victoria Arts Adventures April 2014 Here's a round-up of some of the arts events in April, as of March 20th.  April is National Poetry Month in Canada—take some time to connect with the multitude of poetry events in Victoria this April, including Victorious Voices the 5th annual Victoria High School slam poetry championships, and LitARTCity, a fundraiser with Victoria's poet laureate Janet Rogers, to benefit the READ Society. On the … [Read more...]

The Museum Amplification Project, April 20th 2013

I don’t remember how or when I first learned of the Royal BC Museum’s Amplification Project (now in its second year and originally called Site and Sound), but I knew I wanted to experience it. Some of my favourite performers have been involved, and the styles of performance span the genres. This year’s event is scheduled for Saturday April 20th and tickets are available here. The Museum Amplification Project is curated by Chris O’Connor who … [Read more...]

The Voyage of the Forest Dream and The Amethyst Incident, fundraiser for Theatre Inconnu and the Maritime Museum of BC

If you have a love of old sea-tales, here's a fundraiser that will be of interest - just in time for spring break. The Forest Dream, under sail. http://glennmci.brinkster.net/ki/images/dream.jpg The Maritime Museum of BC and Theatre Inconnu present: The Voyage of the Forest Dream and The Amethyst Incident: Dramatic readings of two maritime adventures. A joint fundraising event for The MaritimeMuseum and Theatre Inconnu. The Voyage … [Read more...]

Stratford Director returns to Victoria to direct “The Grapes of Wrath”

Join Year II students of the Canadian College of Performing Arts (CCPA) as they present The Grapes of Wrath, directed by former Stratford actor and associate director Darcy Evans.  I've been a dedicated supporter of CCPA since my second son attended and graduated. He's now living in Toronto, and busy with his artistic career.  It's important to me to give back to an educational institution that provides training in the arts.  College graduates … [Read more...] by David Elendune. Giggling Iguana Productions Nov 21-Dec 2nd 2012

1984 has come and gone.  Yet memories of the iconic dystopian novel, written by George Orwell, and originally published in 1949, remain. Orwellian has become an adjective, and words coined in the book  Big Brother, doublethink, thoughtcrime, Newspeak  have entered our every day language. Now, author David Elendune, and Giggling Iguana Productions present us with a for the future, an expansion and re-imagining of the original … [Read more...]

Art Walks, Shows and Sales for the 2012 Holiday Season – Victoria BC

An impressive cornucopia of artistic treats awaits art lovers as the holiday season approaches.  How often have I heard people wish, sometimes with a trace of envy, that they had more art in their lives? I’m reminded of the old English proverb “What, a cat may look on a king, ye know!”  I may not have the finances to purchase all the art I would like to have hanging on my walls, but I can definitely attend art openings, studio tours, gallery … [Read more...]

This is Twisted Theatre presents: Batman’s Great Mystery

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s …… The talented crew at Twisted Theatre bring an original 1948 radio play to Victoria audiences, complete with some of your favourite thespians and technical staff. Join them Saturday May 19th for Twisted Radio Play’s “Batman’s Great Mystery! … [Read more...]

Quadra Village Day Dance needs YOU!

I've been a supporter of Quadra Village Day since moving to the Hillside - Quadra neighbourhood in 2006, and a member of the entirely volunteer-run planning committee since 2008.  This year one of our community partners and long time supporters, Dance Victoria, is organizing a "flash-mob" style dance to be performed at Quadra Village Day on Saturday May 12th. In 2011 Dance Victoria received municipal funding to create an … [Read more...]

Announcing Uno Fest 2012 – 15th anniversary

I wonder if the arts administrators at Intrepid Theatre knew in 1997 that they were in the process of creating what has become the longest running solo performance festival in North America– Uno Fest, Canada’s Singular Live Theatre Event. This year Uno Fest runs May 24th – June 3rd inVictoria, BC. … [Read more...]