Books I Read in 2014

Books I read in 2014. I grew up as an avid reader, regularly borrowing books from the-not-yet-regional library in Ucluelet.  As a child my favourites were the Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, the Gang of Five by Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, Trixie Belden.  As a young teenager I discovered science fiction legends like Clarke, Heinlein, Bradbury and Herbert, and the fantasy of Tolkein. CanLit surged to the … [Read more...]

Books I Read in 2013

I got a Kobo for Christmas in 2012 and thus started the year, by fluke, reading Alice Munro's newest short story collection Dear Life. How fortuitous! I finished the year reading the 2013 Giller prize winner Lynn Coady's books, including Hellgoing.  And added the short stories and novels of Lisa Moore, another east-coaster, who was on the Giller short list, to my repertoire. Along the way I re-connected with Joyce Carol Oates, Susan Musgrave … [Read more...]

Books I Read in 2012

I didn't start the year out with a goal of reading 52 books - honest! But, I had wanted to increase my reading. As a child and teen, I would read any time, any place, often getting in trouble for reading in class when I should have been doing school work.  Then, life and work happened, and somewhere along the way I lost my love of reading. 2012 was the year I got it back. I  read 52 books: 31 by female authors, 20 by male authors, and one … [Read more...]