Crawlture Jam July 6th 2011, Victoria BC

On Wednesday July 6th at 5pm if you happen to cross the intersection of Mackenzie Avenue and the Transcanada Highway, and notice a group of people crawling across the intersections, you will have witnessed one of the region's "culture jams". The organizers are five students from Royal Roads Professional Communication program, and the event is part of their final project. From start to finish it will have taken four weeks, and will include a … [Read more...]

MISA BC April 28 -29 Nanaimo BC

I've made some amazing connections since signing up for Twitter on April 8 2009. These connections happen with incredible synchronicity, and leap-frogging.  Thus it was for Jason Birch and I. Jason works in IT for the City of Nanaimo, his spouse is francophone - this was actually our first "linkage". We share a passion for community, and for "open".  Jason invited me to speak to the spring MISA BC (Municipal Information Systems Association of … [Read more...]

Join Theatre SKAM for “Wrecking Ball Victoria #2” April 25th

The fine folks from Victoria BC's Theatre SKAM are once again, prior to the next federal election, hosting, "Wrecking Ball" Monday April 25th 8pm at the Victoria Event Centre. Join them for an evening that promises to entertain, and engage! Laugh, think, vote. On Monday May 2nd Canadians will vote in their third Federal Election in five years after the Harper Government became the first in the history of the Commonwealth to be held … [Read more...]

Clean Safe Community Picnic – Harris Green (1100 Block Pandora) Saturday August 21st 2010

A few days ago I received information about a community picnic being organized by two "ordinary" women in the 1100 block Pandora, Victoria BC, on Saturday August 21st. Please support this initiative if you believe, as I do, that we benefit from creating the community we want to see.  Kudos to the women involved (who at this time are anonymous). Photo by KFoodAddict on Flickr Clean Safe Community Picnic Dear Neighbour: We hope … [Read more...]