The Bomb-itty Of Errors at the Belfry Theatre August 5-24, 2014. A review.

The Bomb-itty of Errors by Twenty Something Theatre currently playing in Victoria at the Belfry Theatre (August 5-24) is an explosion of sights, sounds, colours and music, that is sure to appeal to generations raised on hip-hop and rap. The beats (original music Anami Vice) are laid down from the get-go, mixed with dextrous ease by DJ Oker Chen, and flow almost non-stop, save for the odd aside or soliloquy. A day later, and after a full … [Read more...]

A Summer of Theatre in Victoria BC

There is an incredible amount of theatre in the summer in Victoria BC. So much so, it will require masterful planning and attention to detail to avoid missing shows. Currently playing in June: At Theatre Inconnu until June 18th - Bear Me Stiffly Up and One Man Hamlet by Ellen Arcand and Clayton Jevne. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this Victoria based alternative theatre, they are remounting Clayton's pièce de resistance, One Man Hamlet, … [Read more...]