Ghosts of Rorschach -dance and photo event-July 26 2014

Ghosts of Rorschach dance and photo event July 26 2014 I'm a big fan of collaborative, border-crossing arts events and have come to know the dancers of Broken Rhythms from their performances at the Victoria Fringe Festival.  Now, together with photographers Alina Sotskova and Ian Sparks, and with the assistance of Dance Victoria, they will unveil the Ghosts of Rorschach photography series, and present dance works inspired by this theme, in an … [Read more...]

Word Camp Victoria 2013 Presentation: Blogging to Build Community, Online and Off

I’m honoured to be speaking at the fifth Word Camp Victoria on January 12th, 2013. It’s a labour of love for Paul Holmes and a way for the community of WordPress enthusiasts and developers to give back. When I approached blogging in the mid 2000s I couldn’t imagine having enough to say. Then I started using Twitter in April 2009, posting tweets of interest to me - mainly regarding the performing arts and community building initiatives in … [Read more...]