Illicit A Shadow Story July 11 2018 at the Belfry Theatre

ILLICIT A Shadow Story July 11 2018 at the Belfry Theatre Victoria Performance & Dialogue on the Opioid Overdose Crisis A collective of frontline responders to the opioid crisis from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside will share their community play, ILLICIT, at the historic Belfry Theatre’s Studio A on the evening of July 11, 2018. The play, which features stories and shadow theatre sourced from the actors’ lived experience, will be … [Read more...]

St Luke’s Players 2017-2018 season

St Luke’s Players 2017-2018 season Long before the introduction of professional theatre companies to Victoria, all theatre was community based. One of the oldest troupes is St Luke’s Players.  The upcoming season represents the 69th for this stalwart band of thespians. In 2015, members answered a few questions for me which will provide more background on the troupe’s mission statement and philosophy. The pantomime, a more recent annual … [Read more...]

Welfarewell by St Luke’s Players, March 12-23, 2014. A review.

Welfarewell by St Lukes Players. March 12-23, 2014. A review Quoting Shakespeare and her own on-the-spot rhymes—in iambic pentameter no less—cat-food-eating erstwhile bank robber, and former actress, Esmerelda Quipp (Jane Guy) now in her 80s, must find a way to survive.  What’s a penniless pensioner to do?  Jailed after attempting to bury her cat in the landlord’s yard, she discovers the long-forgotten pleasures of a warm bed and three square … [Read more...]