Reminiscences of Reconciliation by Logan Richards at the Victoria Fringe 2018. An interview.

Logan Richards is the second recipient of the Victoria Fringe Indigenous Artist Program.  He answered questions about his show, Reminiscences of Reconciliation. The Victoria Fringe IAP provides access and mentorship for local artists who identify as Indigenous, and wish to produce work as part of the Victoria Fringe. The program incorporates collaborative mentorship, access to resources and support to strengthen participating artist’s producing … [Read more...]

White Mans Indian at UNO Fest 2018. A review.

White Man’s Indian at UNO Fest 2018. A review. Intrepid Theatre’s UNO Fest, now in its twenty-first year, runs May 9-19, 2018 in Victoria BC.  It features eighteen shows, including two as part of the new Family Fest Series, and a spotlight on women’s indigenous voices with a guest indigenous curator, Yolanda Bonnell. I’ll be featuring interviews, previews and reviews during the festival. Follow for … [Read more...]