Broken Rhythms presents LASHBASH at Uplands Golf Club June 27th 2018

Broken Rhythms presents LASHBASH at Uplands Golf Club June 27th 2018 (media release)  One of Victoria' favourite indie dance companies, Broken Rhythms, is back with their ever-popular fundraiser--LASHBASH. Why the lashes you ask?  It all started when founder Dyana Sonik-Henderson decided to enter her company into the Victoria Fringe Festival in 2012. Looking for a way to market their show to the masses of Fringe fan in line-ups throughout … [Read more...]

Samsara by Sacred Centre Dance Company September 7 2013

The Sacred Centre Dance Company presents Samsara at the McPherson Playhouse, Saturday September 7, 2013. I first heard of founder Nath Keo in the 2000s when he had a small dance studio in a heritage home on Fort Street. Later, I was re-acquainted with his work when he presented at the Light on Our Feet fundraiser organized by Holly Vivian. Join Nath and his team of dancers for Samsara, Saturday September 7th at the McPherson … [Read more...]

Bounce Dance Cabaret February 9th 2013

Bounce Dance Cabaret returns February 9th to Dance Victoria's Performance Lab as part of Yam Magazine's Dance Days. Treena Stubel, award winning dancer and choreographer, founded Bounce! in 2008 to support new work by independent dance and physical theatre artists. As a long time collaborator and friend of Victoria’s Atomic Vaudeville cabaret, she was inspired to create a similar event (based on short skits or pieces) for the dance, movement … [Read more...]