Dispatches from the Victoria Fringe 2015. Day Nine.

Dispatches from the Victoria Fringe2015.  Day Nine. Victoria Fringe Festival  August 26-September 6, 2015. Reviews of Lieutenant Nun and Two Ruby Knockers, One Jaded Dick. Read all of my Victoria Fringe Festival 2015 coverage HERE. Please remember on this final weekend of the 29th Victoria Fringe Festival--advance tickets (or lining up well in advance) are advised. If a show is sold-out, take a risk on another. That's what the Fringe is … [Read more...]

Victoria Fringe 2015. My “away” picks.

Victoria Fringe 2015. My "away" picks. Victoria Fringe August 26 - September 6, 2015 I am an avid supporter of the Victoria Fringe Festival, now in its 29th year. It didn’t start out that way though. Other priorities took precedence and it wasn’t really until 2006 that I became a Fringe fanatic. That year was the 20th anniversary and I saw more shows than in the 20 previous years combined. In the intervening years, I’ve caught up—I volunteered … [Read more...]