BC Économusée® Launch at Hazelwood Herb Farm

The second Économusée® in British Columbia launched recently at Hazelwood Herb Farm, in North Oyster near the Nanaimo airport, and I was honoured to attend as an invited guest.   A concept well established in Québec, the Atlantic Provinces and Northern Europe, Économusée® seeks to value artisanal producers and bring them to the attention of the larger population by providing a framework and network for development, publicity and promotion. An … [Read more...]

BC Économusée® launch at Merridale Estate Cidery

In 1992 Cyril Simard, an architect and ethnologist from Québec, had an idea to promote and protect traditional artisanal methods and crafts.  Thus was born the Economusée / Econumuseum® concept, a network of 65 enterprises in Québec, Atlantic Canada,Northern Europe, and now,British Columbia, with the opening of the Économusée / Économusuem® at Merridale Estate Cidery. An ECONOMUSÉE® is a craft or agri-foods business whose products are the … [Read more...]