A Spring to Fall 2012: Art Shows and Studio Tours in Victoria BC

I love art, and remember well growing up on the West Coast at a time when many artists were escaping the city. Moving to Europe in my early 20s, I spent endless hours wandering the corridors of museums and galleries, frantically sketching (poorly) my impressions. When I returned to Victoria I knew art had to remain in my life. Remembering an early comment by Robert Amos about the value of purchasing local, original art, we began. Our budget … [Read more...]

Fall Beauty, Portage Inlet

What more is there to say! It was a beautiful fall day driving back and forth to the office. And Portage Inlet came in to view.  When I was a child, there was a pull-over at this exact spot; but now, you must exit the Trans Canada Highway at Admirals and turn onto Portage Road. Driving down to the end, you come upon a small parking area, where I snapped these pictures of glass-smooth waters … [Read more...]