What Happened Was…by Theatre Inconnu Feb 18-Mar 8 2014. A review.

What Happened Was by Theatre Inconnu Feb 18-Mar 8 2014. A review. Just like many a first date, What Happened Was (currently at Theatre Inconnu from February 19th –March 8th, 2014) is quirky, awkward and vulnerable. It also has a deliciously dark twist that elevates it from standard rom-com territory, and takes it into the realm of bold social commentary. All the action takes place in “real time” in the period slightly prior to, and during, … [Read more...]

Picnic, UVic Phoenix Theatre, Feb 11-22, 2014. A review.

Picnic, currently at the Phoenix Theatre (February 11-22, 2014) thrums with hope and yearning. Nothing is as it appears in a small town.  In the space of one day, events can change the direction of people’s lives in spectacular, and devastating, fashion—the ripples felt throughout. Picnic may be set in small town Kansas in the early 1950s but there are definite parallels, even to our more sophisticated and inter-connected age. Hal (Jenson … [Read more...]

Victoria’s First Funny Women Festival February 21 & 22, 2014

The intrepid Kirsten Van Ritzen is at it again—this time she’s launching Victoria’s first Funny Women Festival February 21st and 22nd (with a networking/hangover brunch on the 23rd). You might know Kirsten for her many roles with SinCity, the live improvised serial, or the searing Langham Court theatre production That Face in January 2013, or her regular stand-up and improv comedy classes. She’s also a novelist, solo performer and executive … [Read more...]

Shakespeare in Love: Scenes of Love from Shakespeare at Craigdarroch Castle, February 7-15,2014

Shakespeare in Love: Scenes of Love from Shakespeare at Craigdarroch Castle, February 7-15, 2014 Valentine’s Day has a special meaning for my husband and me since our anniversary is February 12th. And what better way, as an arts-lover, to celebrate both than to partake in Shakespeare in Love: Scenes of Love from Shakespeare at CraigdarrochCastle. Staged by Giggling Iguana Productions and the Greater Victoria Shakespeare Festival (GVSF) … [Read more...]

Proud at the Belfry Theatre February 11-March 9, 2014. A review.

Michael Healey’s play Proud, currently at the Belfry Theatre (February 11-March 9, 2014) is an outrageous, provocative, sexy and very funny tale of the behind-the-scenes political machinations of Canada’s prime minister. Proud has been surrounded by controversy since it’s inception. Healey (author of The Drawer Boy—seen at the Belfry in 2000) was the playwright-in-residence at Toronto’s Tarragon Theatre; he resigned when Proud was pulled from … [Read more...]

Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre presents A Glass Menagerie February 11th-23rd, 2014.

Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre founding artists Victor Dolhai and Sarah Jane Pelzer portrayed childhood sweethearts in The Fantasticks (2009).  Five years later they return as brother and sister in A Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams Pulitzer-award-winning memory play (February 11th-23rd, 2014). I caught up with Victor and Sarah for a chat about the play, their careers since 2009 and the importance of Blue Bridge to the local Victoria … [Read more...]