Victoria Fringe Festival 2012 – my “local” picks

I love the Victoria Fringe Festival! When my kids were growing up, I only attended the odd show here and there, but that all changed in 2006 when my second son moved away to take a job as a historical interpreter at the MacLean Mill in Port Alberni. Without two teenage boys to feed and house, there was suddenly disposable income. 2006 was the 20th anniversary of the Victoria Fringe, and I managed to see more shows that year than in all the … [Read more...]

Nanaimo Fringetastic Theatre Festival

After 14 years, Fringe Theatre returns to Nanaimo thanks to a trio of eager young impressarios - Jeremy Banks, Spencer Sacht-Lund and Chelsee Damon. From September 8-11, revel in a variety of theatrical experiences - 8 performers, 32 shows, 3 venues - something for everybody at the Nanaimo Fringetastic Theatre Festival. … [Read more...]