Ghosts of the Plaza – a review

I’m not sure the exact amount of the City of  Victoria 150 grant received to help produce Ghosts of the Plaza (currently playing at the Oddfellows Lodge until November 24th) but, to my mind, it is money very well spent. This engaging interactive theatre production takes us behind the scenes of a once-much-loved local landmark (The Victoria Plaza Hotel) to tell the tales of local characters we don’t normally hear much about. Ghosts of the Plaza … [Read more...]

A Fall of Theatre in Victoria BC 2012

Summer (replete with plays and festivals) is over, school and university are back in session, and the Victoria theatre community is pulling out all the stops for a fantastic fall that will see close to 30 shows and events. Belfry Theatre starts the season with the Tony-award-winning play Red, direction by Artistic Director Michael Shamata in a co-production with Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, and is followed shortly after by the Canadian College … [Read more...]