Frankenstein by David Elendune at Theatre Inconnu September 26-October 13, 2018. A review.

Since I began regularly attending shows in 2005, Theatre Inconnu has consistently presented theatre that challenges me—in both the script and the execution. Frankenstein by David Elendune, directed by Ian Case (who also created the spooky light and sound (with Jason King) design as well as the period appropriate costumes), is set in the round (design Hannah Case) with most of the audience at eye level with the action, making this already … [Read more...]

Dracula: The Blood is the Life – Craigdarroch Castle. A review.

As darkness falls earlier and earlier, comes a hankering for terrifying tales to entertain us during long evenings. At times, we stumble from the comfort of warm homes, enticed by the prospects of time spent wandering the hallways of a stately mansion in the company of accomplished thespians. Giggling Iguana Productions and Launch Pad Productions propose a creative re-telling and re-working of the Dracula legend for your pleasure. poster by … [Read more...]

Victoria Shakespeare 2012 – Live Outdoor Summer Theatre

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of volunteering for the Victoria Shakespeare Society during their summer season. It was so much fun, I've become a regular.  Although the society has been a vital part of summer arts programming in the capital region since 2003 (in this incarnation), it wasn't until the summer of 2009, when a friend of my son’s was in Julius Caesar, that we wandered up the hill to the grounds of Camosun College. You can read … [Read more...]

The Fall of the House of Usher – Craigdarroch Castle. A review.

I love site specific theatre. For me, going to a play is visceral  - the sights (costumes, sets, décor) sounds, and sometimes smells (gunpowder) combining to create an emotional experience.  Adding the ability to live within the décor only serves to heighten this feeling. Giggling Iguana and director Ian Case have been creating site specific work in Victoria since 2001 at Craigdarroch Castle, beginning with Ian's adaptation of The Fall of the … [Read more...]

Gormenghast – William Head on Stage

What a magnificent choice to celebrate WHoS (William Head on Stage) 30th year and 50th production, in this, the centenary year of Gormenghast's author Mervyn Peake. This  tale - part morality play, part fantasy - recounts the history of  a kingdom where rule and ritual reign and the mantra "No Change!" is well respected. It's production in a federal minimum security institution carries a certain level of  double-entendre. … [Read more...]