Dispatches from the Victoria Fringe 2017 Day Five

Dispatches from the Victoria Fringe 2017 Day Five Part of the pleasure of fringing is the ability to see so many different styles in a very short period of time.  My day five included the phenomenal character work of Charles Adrian appearing as Ms Samantha Mann in Stories About Love, Death & A Rabbit, followed by Kevin P Gilday’s  nihilistic and dark spoken word/multi-media meta-theatre Gigantic Lying Mouth, and finishing with improvised … [Read more...]

Paper Street Theatre Improv Festival April 12-16, 2016. Celebrating 5 years as a company.

Paper Street Theatre Improv Festival April 12-16, 2016. Celebrating 5 years as a company. I was first introduced to the improvisation techniques of Dave Morris in 2009 with his hit Victoria Fringe show—Dave Morris is an Asshole (definitely a catchy and fringy title). In 2011 he founded Paper Street Theatre with the express desire to develop a literary-based long-form style, and attracted some of the city’s finest improvisers to his … [Read more...]

Paper Street Theatre fifth season 2015-2016

Paper Street Theatre’s Fifth Season 2015-2016. To celebrate their fifth season in 2015-2016, award-winning local improv theatre troupe Paper Street Theatre begins with a return to the theatrical style they first employed in 2011-2012 (An Improvised Tennessee Williams, An Improvised Samuel Beckett). Improv’s For Closers (October 14-16) is an exploration of the style of David Mamet (who is also the author of the recent Belfry Theatre … [Read more...]

The Extemporium by Paper Street Theatre October 22-25 2014. A review.

The Extemporium by Paper Street Theatre, October 22-25 2014. A review. Improvisation so expertly executed as to appear scripted. In fact, the actors of Paper Street Theatre have great difficulty at times in dissuading audience members from the notion that it is. What is the secret to this seemingly effortless endeavour?  Preparation—months and months of studying the works of the author (or genre)—in this case, Franz Kafka—and playing with … [Read more...]

IMPROV: A Science Fiction Thriller. April 9-12, 2014. A preview.

IMPROV: A Science Fiction Thriller. Presented by Paper Street Theatre in Victoria BC, April 9-12, 2014. A preview. I've been a fan of Paper Street Theatre Co. since the founding of the company in 2011. Originally dedicated to improvising based on the style of well-known playwrights like Tennessee Williams and Samuel Beckett, the company branched out to genres in 2012 with An Improvised Film Noir, hit their stride with A Carol for Christmas in … [Read more...]

An Improvised John Hughes by Paper Street Theatre – review

John Hughes may have dropped out of the spotlight in 1991, long before his untimely passing in 2009, but the teen films he crafted continue to resonate with a younger generation, if this week’s An Improvised John Hughes, by Paper Street Theatre Company, is any indication. The audience bopped to the beat of the 80s montage laid down by master musical improviser - and erstwhile DJ - Dan Godlovich and laughed out-loud to recognize the many … [Read more...]

Announcing the first Singe Festival, Victoria BC, August 24th – September 2nd

Announcing Victoria’s very first “off-Fringe” Festival - The Singe Festival (August 24th – September 2nd) featuring three of Victoria’s hottest and best known performers: Mike Delamont (Pick of the Fringe comedian 2011), Dave Morris (Pick of the Fringe improviser 2011) and Missie Peters (M-Award winning spoken word artist). Disappointed at not being selected in the Fringe lottery, and well aware that this year the Victoria Fringe Festival … [Read more...]

Sin City – Live Improvised Soap Opera. Season Two: Carnies. Season Finale.

It’s time to bid farewell to the second season of Sin City: the live improvised soap opera, as the Carnies wrap up all the loose threads of the season. The final episode is slated for Tuesday May 29th at the Victoria Event Centre.  Since October of last year,Victoria audiences have laughed at the antics of The Serpentine Snake Lady, the Celestial Hypnotist, the Trick Shot Artist, The Amazing Mentalist, and more. Photo: Chris Boots Orchard. Image … [Read more...]

Opening Night: Sin City A Live Improvised Soap Opera – Season TWO: Carnies

Well the joint was hopping last Tuesday night at the Victoria Event Centre (VEC) as the good citizens of Victoria came out in full force for opening night of the very popular Sin City A Live Improvised Soap Opera - Season TWO: Carnies. The actors in Sin City are well known to local audiences, having performed with Atomic Vaudeville, Giggling Iguana, Launch Pad, and other companies on stages all around town.  Season cast members include: Wes … [Read more...]