Darth Fiddler and His New Violin

Darth Fiddler is back performing on the Inner Harbour and looks forward to the Victoria International Buskers Festival. We stopped by to visit with him briefly and listen to his music, performed on the violin donated by Larsen Music. For more information on the attack on Darth Fiddler June 11th, see here: … [Read more...]

International Free Hugs Day July 3 2010 Victoria BC

All photos Carol Aileen, used with permission It all started on Twitter, doesn’t it always? Alex Yates @Lunacee tweeted about International Free Hugs Day, and before you could blink we had a Facebook event and people committed to attending in front of the Visitors Information Bureau on the Inner Harbour, Saturday July 3rd 2010. International Free Hugs Day was the inspiration of Juan Mann (a pseudonym) an Australian, in 2004. The hugs were … [Read more...]