Victoria Fringe Festival 2014. My “local” picks.

Victoria Fringe Festival 2014. My "local" picks. The 28th annual Victoria Fringe Festival August 21-31, 2014. I love the Victoria Fringe Festival. I get to applaud local artists I’ve met over the years, and am always on the look out for people whose works is, as yet, unknown to me. Since falling in love with the fringe in 2006, I regularly see between 30 and 40 fringe shows a year, and attend more theatre during the year.  In addition … [Read more...]

TRUNK by Kerploding Theatre August 10th in Victoria BC, August 16th at Gabriola Theatre Festival

TRUNK by Kerploding Theatre.  August 10th in Victoria BC, August 16th at the Gabriola Theatre Festival. I was first introduced to the work of Kerploding Theatre at the Victoria Fringe in 2013, where they won "Pick of the Fringe" for TRUNK.  In the fall I had the opportunity to attend Amelia and the Dwarves, produced as part of the Student Alternative Theatre Company (SATCo) at the University of Victoria, and then this spring watched … [Read more...]

Victoria Arts Adventures March 2014

Victoria Arts Adventures March 2014. When I started writing about the arts, some of my first posts were an attempt to capture what was happening on a seasonal basis in the theatre community in Victoria BC.  It provided a place to get all the theatre listings in one place—I figured if I was having trouble keeping it straight most people would have the same problem.  Since 2011 the number of offerings has increased exponentially, and I've also … [Read more...]

WordPLAY by Kerploding Theatre, March 1st, 2014. A preview.

 Kerploding Theatre presents WordPLAY March 1st at the Intrepid Theatre Club as part of Intrepid Theatre’s The YOU Show series. I first met Mollison Farmer, Kerploding Theatre’s Artistic Director, during the Victoria Fringe Festival in 2013, where they presented Trunk! to enthusiastic young audiences as part of the Fringe Kids line-up.  In the fall, I had the opportunity to see another show she directed—Amelia and the Dwarves—which was part of … [Read more...]