A Winter of Theatre in Victoria BC – Jan/Feb 2013

Theatre companies in Victoria are launching 2013 with a number of dark plays (some of them dark comedies) deemed “suitable for mature audiences”, as well as ground-breaking trans-media and immersive experiences at the new Winterlab Festival. Families will be happy to hear of a new Family Theatre Festival, and lovers of multi-cultural story telling will want to check out WorldPlay (re-scheduled to March 7-10th) Sin City returns for a third … [Read more...]

Theatrical Treats for Halloween in Victoria BC

Since time immemorial people have gathered together at this turn in the seasons, as night falls earlier and earlier, and conversation around campfires, hearths and living rooms has turned to spooky and scary tales.  Victoria theatre companies have seized upon this desire for the frightful, and propose a panoply of plays for your viewing pleasure. In addition, the ever popular Ghost Bus Tours narrated by local historian John Adams, a fundraiser … [Read more...]

Dracula: The Blood is the Life – Craigdarroch Castle. A review.

As darkness falls earlier and earlier, comes a hankering for terrifying tales to entertain us during long evenings. At times, we stumble from the comfort of warm homes, enticed by the prospects of time spent wandering the hallways of a stately mansion in the company of accomplished thespians. Giggling Iguana Productions and Launch Pad Productions propose a creative re-telling and re-working of the Dracula legend for your pleasure. poster by … [Read more...]

A Fall of Theatre in Victoria BC 2012

Summer (replete with plays and festivals) is over, school and university are back in session, and the Victoria theatre community is pulling out all the stops for a fantastic fall that will see close to 30 shows and events. Belfry Theatre starts the season with the Tony-award-winning play Red, direction by Artistic Director Michael Shamata in a co-production with Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, and is followed shortly after by the Canadian College … [Read more...]