Theatre SKAM presents Smalltown A Pickup Musical August 13 – 25 2013. A review.

Theatre SKAM presents Smalltown A Pickup Musical, August 13 -25, 2013. If you grew up watching the antics of Rocky, Bullwinkle, Boris and Natasha on Saturday morning cartoons, or flickering silent films where the dastardly moustache-twirling villain tied pretty heroines to train tracks, you’ll feel right at home with the broad-brushed characters in Theatre SKAM’s Smalltown: A Pickup Musical (playing to August 25th in the Vic High field by the … [Read more...]

Hello Baby! launches Theatre SKAM’s 2013 season

Theatre SKAM recently celebrated 18 years of producing alternative theatre in Victoria, and for the first time, they've announced a complete season.  Founded in 1995 by 4 UVic grads (Sarah Donald, Karen Turner , Amiel Gladstone and current Artistic Producer Matthew Payne) – hence SKAM, they are well known for their site specific work in alleys, parks, cars and loading docks. More history here. I'd seen a handful of productions over the year's … [Read more...]