Harvey, at the Chemainus Theatre Festival. A review.

Harvey, at the Chemainus Theatre Festival. A review. Harvey by Mary Chase, currently at the Chemainus Theatre Festival May 6-28, 2016, is an endearing and enduring classic of the American theatre cannon, winning the Pulitzer Prize in 1946, and showing remarkable longevity in its 70 year history (including a 2012 Broadway revival).  This winsome and whimsical tale of a gentleman, Elwood Dowd (Mark DuMez), living outside society’s norms, with … [Read more...]

Harvey at Langham Court Theatre – a review

Harvey at Langham Court Theatre – a review Langham Court Theatre begins their 85th season with a revival of the American classic, whimsical comedy of errors, Harvey, written by Mary Chase in 1944 and last mounted by Langham in 1985. Harvey opened on Broadway (where it became one of the longest running plays in history), went on to win a Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1945, against competition from Tennessee Williams’ A Glass Menagerie (Chase … [Read more...]