Grease at the Chemainus Theatre Festival. A review.

Grease at the Chemainus Theatre Festival. A review. With catchy tunes, toe-tapping rhythms and a story line seared into North American consciousness for forty years, Grease the musical is bound to be a sure-fire hit for any theatre company planning to take advantage of its cross-generational appeal.  Now playing at Chemainus Theatre Festival during the very popular summer season (June 8-September 1, 2018) under the direction of Barbara … [Read more...]

CCPA Alumni at the Stratford Festival 2014. Interview.

In 2014, I realized a long-held dream and travelled to Ontario for the Stratford Festival where my son, Elliott Loran, was performing in his first season. Elliott is a graduate of the Canada College of Performing Arts (CCPA) and it hadn’t escaped my notice that three other graduates—Matt Alano, Matthew Armet and Galen Johnson—were also members of the company.  It’s a distinct honour for CCPA, a relatively small college situated far from the … [Read more...]