Art Walks, Studio Tours and Sales for the Holiday Season 2013. Victoria BC

Art Walks, Studio Tours and Sales for the Holiday Season 2013. Victoria BC. For me, shop local also means art.  Some of my most cherished holiday traditions are walking from gallery to gallery during specially organized art walks, or taking a trip to participate in a studio tour. Of late, the “small works show” has become popular, with three local galleries displaying works that are small in size and cost. Walks, tours and sales all … [Read more...]

Next Course, an exhibition at Metchosin Art Gallery Feb 2-24th 2013

There's nothing better, on a lazy and damp winter weekend, than to head out into the country for a ramble that involves art, food, and perhaps hiking.  Fortunately, living in Victoria, you can accomplish all three by travelling to Metchosin for a visit to the new contemporary, non-profit, Metchosin Art Gallery, created by the Metchosin Arts and Cultural Association. Curator Haley Finnigan (a UVic Visual Arts grad) has been extremely busy since … [Read more...]

Art Walks, Shows and Sales for the 2012 Holiday Season – Victoria BC

An impressive cornucopia of artistic treats awaits art lovers as the holiday season approaches.  How often have I heard people wish, sometimes with a trace of envy, that they had more art in their lives? I’m reminded of the old English proverb “What, a cat may look on a king, ye know!”  I may not have the finances to purchase all the art I would like to have hanging on my walls, but I can definitely attend art openings, studio tours, gallery … [Read more...]