Faces of Love, Portraits from Our Place by Elfrida Schragen

Faces of Love – Portraits from Our Place by Elfrida Schragen. When artist Elfrida Schragen was approached about a month-long artist-in-residency program at a local resort, she immediately knew what – and who – she wanted to paint. In 2007, Schragen painted a series of portraits featuring people from all walks of life who used the services of Our Place, an inner-city community centre for the most vulnerable of Greater Victoria. When she … [Read more...]

A Fall of Theatre in Victoria BC 2013

A Fall of Theatre in Victoria BC 2013. November 26, 2013. Click for  late November December shows. Fall has arrived, and one of the busiest theatre seasons in my recent memory begins. There are 17 shows (at last count) running in October alone.  Rather than keep you waiting, I've decided to publish this post in preliminary fashion with dates up to the end of October. I'll add November and December shortly. We barely had a chance to … [Read more...]