Black History Month 2015 in Victoria BC

Black History Month 2015 in Victoria BC A Black History and Heritage Day (February 15th), an evening of performance and song (February 23 at the Belfry Theatre), a gala awards night (February 28th at the Copper Owl), a cemetery tour (February 22nd) and three presentations make up the very ambitious schedule in celebration of BC Black History Month February 2015 in Victoria. Many people are not even aware of the significant role black … [Read more...]

Announcing Uno Fest 2012 – 15th anniversary

I wonder if the arts administrators at Intrepid Theatre knew in 1997 that they were in the process of creating what has become the longest running solo performance festival in North America– Uno Fest, Canada’s Singular Live Theatre Event. This year Uno Fest runs May 24th – June 3rd inVictoria, BC. … [Read more...]

Victoria Fringe Festival 2011 – my “local” picks

I love the Victoria Fringe Festival! When my kids were growing up, I only attended the odd show here and there, but that all changed in 2006 when my second son moved away to take a job as a historical interpreter at the MacLean Mill in Port Alberni. Without two teenage boys to feed and house, there was suddenly disposable income. 2006 was the 20th anniversary of the Victoria Fringe, and I managed to see more shows that year than in all the … [Read more...]