Dispatches from the Victoria Fringe 2018. Day Five.

Reviews of Death, a Romantic Comedy by Rob Gee and Confessions of an Operatic Mute by Briane Nasimok. Don’t forget to check out reviews from Day One (The Session, Reminiscences of Reconciliation, Fool’s Paradise), Day Two (Water People, Fado, Carey, OK!)  Day Three (Sherlock Holmes and the Curse of Moriarty!, The Measure of Love, The Boy in the Chrysalis, Para Dos), and Day Four (The Birdmann and Egg FINALE, Cornelius and Titania BLOOD … [Read more...]

Death a Romantic Comedy at the Victoria Fringe 2018. An interview.

UK word wizard Rob Gee has been a popular addition to the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF) circuit with many appearances at the Victoria Fringe Festival. He’s back with his latest (and newest) show Death A Romantic Comedy.  … [Read more...]

Dispatches from the Victoria Fringe 2016. Day Four.

Dispatches from the Victoria Fringe 2016. Day Four. Victoria Fringe Festival August 22-September 4, 2016. Reviews of The Quiet Environmentalist by Carolyn Moon and SJ Valiquette, Pandemonium by Rob Gee, (i·m)position by Luciterra Dance, Bushel & Peck by Alistair Knowles and Stéphanie Morin-Robertt, Best Picture by RibbitRepublic, Sky Corner, by Hannah Ockenden, Joanie Papillon, Natalie Shaw. As always, my complete Victoria Fringe … [Read more...]

Dispatches from the Victoria Fringe 2015. Day Two.

Dispatches from the Victoria Fringe 2015. Day Two. Victoria Fringe Festival 2015, August 26-September 6 in Victoria BC. Day Two of the Victoria Fringe began, once again, with Venue 6 Langham Court Theatre, for Rob Gee in Icarus Dancing, and Daughter of Turpentine by Leah Callen. I finished the night at Venue 3 The Metro Studio with Bear Dreams by For Body and Light.  (Please note--I'll have the review of Bear Dreams posted here on … [Read more...]

Victoria Fringe 2015. My “away” picks.

Victoria Fringe 2015. My "away" picks. Victoria Fringe August 26 - September 6, 2015 I am an avid supporter of the Victoria Fringe Festival, now in its 29th year. It didn’t start out that way though. Other priorities took precedence and it wasn’t really until 2006 that I became a Fringe fanatic. That year was the 20th anniversary and I saw more shows than in the 20 previous years combined. In the intervening years, I’ve caught up—I volunteered … [Read more...]

Victoria Fringe Festival 2013 – my “away” picks

I'm a bit of a Fringe fanatic, seeing between 30 and 40 shows in any given year. For my "away" picks, I rely heavily on research, knowledge of past performances, and a network of fellow-Fringers (including Ottawa's Brian M Carroll who has greatly informed this year's picks). As always though, I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone, and take chances on shows you might not normally see - don't depend only on my picks; my tastes might … [Read more...]