Most Inspiring User – West Coast Social Media Awards

I've been nominated for a #Westie (the inaugural West Coast Social Media awards) in the Most Inspiring User category. It's an honour, most definitely.  Voting has commenced and will end May 23rd.  The top 7 in each category will then be forwarded to a panel of judges who will make the final decision. I struggle with this. Like many I'm not good at "tooting my own horn" and asking for the votes. But, this year especially, there is another … [Read more...]

Social Media Year in Review – October 2010 Victoria BC

In time for Social Media Camp October 3rd, the Victoriatweetup meetup group launched as a means to promote tweetups that need more concrete numbers for venues. Paul Holmes and Chris Burdge pulled out all the stops for Social Media Camp, with over 450 people in attendance from all over the Pacific Northwest. I was honoured to be included as a speaker " Community Building – Transitioning Online to Offline" along with Don Power and Brenda … [Read more...]