Steel Magnolias at St Luke’s Players October 8-19, 2014. A Review.

Steel Magnolias at St Luke's Players October 8-19, 2014. A review. Steel Magnolias currently at St Luke’s Players (October 8-19, 2014), written by Robert Harlin in 1989 and based on his real-life experience and family tragedy, has lost none of its charm or poignancy. At a time when many city dwellers struggle to find satisfactory “third places” to connect on a regular basis, where coffee shops have replaced churches, this story of six … [Read more...]

St Luke’s Players announces 2014-2015 season, their 66th. Victoria BC.

St Luke's Players announces 2014-2015 season, their 66th. Victoria BC. Long before professional theatre made its way to Victoria, community theatre groups formed. They continue to flourish today, with St Luke's Players being one of the oldest.  Have a look at their 2014-2015 season.   Season tickets are now on sale, and for the first time you can purchase tickets to the ever popular (and sold-out months in advance) Christmas panto with your … [Read more...]

A Fall of Theatre 2014 in Victoria BC

A Fall of Theatre 2014 in Victoria BC. Listings for shows September - December 2014. It’s time to bring back the ever popular “seasonal” posts about theatre in our wonderful capital city.  For a population of 375,000, the Capital Regional District definitely punches above its weight. I originally started the seasonal posts in 2011 because I had a difficult time myself keeping up with the many events, and figured the general population was … [Read more...]

Welfarewell by St Luke’s Players, March 12-23, 2014. A review.

Welfarewell by St Lukes Players. March 12-23, 2014. A review Quoting Shakespeare and her own on-the-spot rhymes—in iambic pentameter no less—cat-food-eating erstwhile bank robber, and former actress, Esmerelda Quipp (Jane Guy) now in her 80s, must find a way to survive.  What’s a penniless pensioner to do?  Jailed after attempting to bury her cat in the landlord’s yard, she discovers the long-forgotten pleasures of a warm bed and three square … [Read more...]

Victoria Arts Adventures March 2014

Victoria Arts Adventures March 2014. When I started writing about the arts, some of my first posts were an attempt to capture what was happening on a seasonal basis in the theatre community in Victoria BC.  It provided a place to get all the theatre listings in one place—I figured if I was having trouble keeping it straight most people would have the same problem.  Since 2011 the number of offerings has increased exponentially, and I've also … [Read more...]

A Fall of Theatre in Victoria BC 2013

A Fall of Theatre in Victoria BC 2013. November 26, 2013. Click for  late November December shows. Fall has arrived, and one of the busiest theatre seasons in my recent memory begins. There are 17 shows (at last count) running in October alone.  Rather than keep you waiting, I've decided to publish this post in preliminary fashion with dates up to the end of October. I'll add November and December shortly. We barely had a chance to … [Read more...]

Theatre for the holidays in Victoria BC, December 2012

There's nothing quite like the theatre to whisk you away, and what better way to celebrate the holiday season than with tickets to an awesome show and time with family and friends. The theatrical offerings this year from December 21st to year end are varied, ranging from the traditional (A Christmas Carol and St Luke's Christmas pantomine), to variety/vaudeville (Derwin Blanshard and Atomic Vaudeville) , dance (Pandora's Box), and even more … [Read more...]