84, Charing Cross Road by Langham Court Theatre – a review

In a world obsessed with real-time, instantaneous connection, it might seem quaint that two people could maintain a long distance business relationship over decades, and deepen their friendship as a result. 84, Charing Cross Road, the opening play of Langham Court’s 84th season, shows a modern audience just how this is possible. With erudite wit, and intellectual thrust-and-parry, writer Helene Hanff (Jennifer Hoener) and bookstore employee … [Read more...]

Rabbit Hole, Langham Court Theatre – a review

Langham Court Theatre sets the bar very high with their current production, Rabbit Hole, the Pulitzer-prize drama by David Lindsay-Abaire. From the moment I entered the theatre, to the moment I left, I was drawn into a world few of us would intentionally inhabit, even if many of us, unfortunately, do. Long before film, there was theatre. Long before reality TV, there was theatre. Long before the Belfry Theatre, Theatre Inconnu, Intrepid … [Read more...]