ArtSmarts Monday Magazine October 2016

ArtSmarts Monday Magazine October 2016. Spooky theatre among October events. This content was first published in the October 2016 print edition of Monday Magazine and I have been given permission to re-publish it online. For theatre enthusiast in Victoria, October represents one of the year’s busiest months with chances to experience shows in every genre in a wide variety of venues—including a scene shop and a federal institution. Whether … [Read more...]

A Fall of Theatre 2016 in Victoria BC

A Fall of Theatre 2016 in Victoria BC Fall, with its abundance of theatre performances, is once again here--I count an astonishing forty performances in the period September-December 2016 (and am sure there will be more announced! This article will be updated regularly as I become aware of them.) The Belfry Theatre celebrates a 41st season that is "Contemporary.Canadian." with an emphasis on plays by women, about women, directed by … [Read more...]

Firewall by Target Theatre at Belfry Festival SPARK Festival 2014. A review.

Firewall by Target Theatre at Belfry Festival SPARK Festival 2014. A review. My father, who would have been 93 this year, had an email address before I did.  I was on Twitter before either of my two sons (in their twenties) and I’ll be 60 this year.  My point, and more importantly, the point of Target Theatre’s Firewall, currently at the Belfry Theatre’s SPARK Festival (until March 23rd)—technology knows no age-barrier. People’s desire to … [Read more...]

Victoria Arts Adventures March 2014

Victoria Arts Adventures March 2014. When I started writing about the arts, some of my first posts were an attempt to capture what was happening on a seasonal basis in the theatre community in Victoria BC.  It provided a place to get all the theatre listings in one place—I figured if I was having trouble keeping it straight most people would have the same problem.  Since 2011 the number of offerings has increased exponentially, and I've also … [Read more...]