The Fall of the House of Usher – Craigdarroch Castle. A review.

I love site specific theatre. For me, going to a play is visceral  - the sights (costumes, sets, décor) sounds, and sometimes smells (gunpowder) combining to create an emotional experience.  Adding the ability to live within the décor only serves to heighten this feeling. Giggling Iguana and director Ian Case have been creating site specific work in Victoria since 2001 at Craigdarroch Castle, beginning with Ian's adaptation of The Fall of the … [Read more...]

Join Theatre SKAM for “Wrecking Ball Victoria #2” April 25th

The fine folks from Victoria BC's Theatre SKAM are once again, prior to the next federal election, hosting, "Wrecking Ball" Monday April 25th 8pm at the Victoria Event Centre. Join them for an evening that promises to entertain, and engage! Laugh, think, vote. On Monday May 2nd Canadians will vote in their third Federal Election in five years after the Harper Government became the first in the history of the Commonwealth to be held … [Read more...]