ArtSmarts Monday Magazine January 2017

ArtSmarts Monday Magazine January 2017. Theatre galore in the New Year. This content was first published in the December 2016 print edition of Monday Magazine and I have been given permission to re-publish it online. When we talk of innovation it often means the tech field and yet Victoria is a hotbed of theatrical creativity.  When I ask people how many theatre companies there are in the city, most guess—ten, or twenty, … [Read more...]

Shockheaded Peter at Theatre Inconnu November 30-December 17 2016 a review.

Shockheaded Peter at Theatre Inconnu November 30-December 17 2016 a review. If the idea of one more “holiday special” makes you unhinged, if you’re ready to shout “bah humbug” to the world--then the macabre, bizarre, perverse stylings of Theatre Inconnu’s Shockheaded Peter (on until December 17th) are for you.  Prepare to cackle gleefully as disappointed parents dispatch their progeny with wild abandon and young children meet with a series of … [Read more...]

Pacific Northwest Puppetry Festival and Puppets for Peace Celebration September 19-21, 2014. Victoria BC.

Pacific Northwest Regional Puppetry Festival and Puppets for Peace September 19-21, 2014. Victoria BC. If you love puppets, you will be thrilled at the upcoming Puppets for Peace Celebration September 19-21, 2014 (in conjunction with the Pacific Northwest Puppet Festival).  For over a year local puppeteer Tim Gosley (Fraggle Rock, Sesame Park) has been working tirelessly, aided by collaborators and volunteers, to bring this event to fruition.  … [Read more...]

Victoria Spoken Word Festival 2014 – Inside Story

The Victoria Spoken Word Festival - Inside Story, March 4-9, 2014 brings more than 20 artists from across North America to Victoria. I was part of a local group of grass-roots angel investors, the Awesome Shit Club, when spoken word artist Missie Peters pitched her plan to promote the first Victoria Spoken Word Festival in 2011. She’s grown the festival in size and scope every year since, bringing together spoken word artists to create and … [Read more...]

My Gift is for the Trees, an Emily Carr Christmas. A review

As a native West Coaster, all my life I have longed for Christmas iconography and tradition that celebrates Christmas and the holiday season as I know it – surrounded by nature, and often with an absence of snow. In creating My Gift is for the Trees: an Emily Carr Christmas, Tim Gosley has tapped into the current fascination with storytelling and trans-media.  The performance is an inventive multi-generational “play within a play within a … [Read more...]

A Winter of Theatre in Victoria BC – Jan/Feb 2013

Theatre companies in Victoria are launching 2013 with a number of dark plays (some of them dark comedies) deemed “suitable for mature audiences”, as well as ground-breaking trans-media and immersive experiences at the new Winterlab Festival. Families will be happy to hear of a new Family Theatre Festival, and lovers of multi-cultural story telling will want to check out WorldPlay (re-scheduled to March 7-10th) Sin City returns for a third … [Read more...]

The Ugly Duckling Puppet Show by Tim Gosley

I've written before about Tim Gosley, the acclaimed local puppeteer (mentor to Ingrid Hansen among others) and owner of Merlin's Sun Home Theatre.  Now, you have a chance to see him in the show that helped him get hired by the Muppets! This Saturday and Sunday (March 31st, April 1st) BY DONATION at Merlin's Sun, come and celebrate Tim's 30+ year old show. It's been to Germany, Austria, the UK and across Canada.  With special guest puppets: … [Read more...]