Mamahood Bursting Into Light. UVic Phoenix Theatre Spotlight on Alumni. Interview.

Nicolle Nattrass, who graduated from the University of Victoria Theatre Department in 1991, brings her solo show Mamahood Bursting into Light to the UVic Phoenix Theatre October 9-20 as the “Spotlight on Alumni”.  She answered questions about the creation and refining process of creating this show, and its reception. What sparked the creation of this show (can you speak to the creation process)? Is this your first one person show? In … [Read more...]

The Slipknot by TJ Dawe at the UVic Phoenix Alumni Festival October 18-22, 2016. A review.

The Slipknot by TJ Dawe at the UVic Phoenix Alumni Festival October 18-22, 2016. A review. The years have not dulled the acuity or relevance of TJ Dawe’s narrative, The Slipknot, presented at the inaugural Phoenix “Spotlight on Alumni” in January 2003, and staged once again as part of the Alumni Festival to celebrate the Phoenix’s 50th anniversary. Dawe graduated from UVic in 1997 and quickly became a contender on the Canadian Fringe … [Read more...]

ArtSmarts Monday Magazine October 2016

ArtSmarts Monday Magazine October 2016. Spooky theatre among October events. This content was first published in the October 2016 print edition of Monday Magazine and I have been given permission to re-publish it online. For theatre enthusiast in Victoria, October represents one of the year’s busiest months with chances to experience shows in every genre in a wide variety of venues—including a scene shop and a federal institution. Whether … [Read more...]

UVic Phoenix Theatre 2016-2017 season

UVic Phoenix Theatre 2016-2017 season The University of Victoria Phoenix Theatre celebrates 50 years of educating theatre artists this season, beginning in October with a three week 50th Anniversary Alumni Festival featuring TJ Dawe in Slipknot, Charlie Ross with a One Man Marathon--Lord of the Rings, Star Wars Trilogy and Dark Knight: A Batman Parody--, and Shannan Calcutt in Burnt Tongue and continuing with an Anniversary Alumni Reunion … [Read more...]

Dispatches from the Victoria Fringe 2014. Day Eight.

Dispatches from the Victoria Fringe 2014. Day Eight.  Reviews of Red Hot Mama (Melanie Gall), High Tea (James and Jamesy), Medicine (TJ Dawe) and Jem Rolls Attacks the Silence. More information at Victoria Fringe. Purchase tickets at TicketRocket, the Intrepid Theatre box office, or at the venue one hour prior to the show. Don’t forget—you’ll need a Fringe visa button ($6). The final week of the Fringe is extremely busy and I would highly … [Read more...]

Victoria Fringe Festival 2014. My “away” picks.

Victoria Fringe Festival 2014 my “away” picks. The 28th annual Victoria Fringe Festival August 21-31 2014. I love the Victoria Fringe Festival. I get to applaud visiting artists whose work I have come to know over the years, and am always on the look out for people who are, as yet, unknown to me. Since falling in love with the fringe in 2006, I regularly see between 30 and 40 fringe shows, and attend more theatre during the year.  In … [Read more...]

Victoria Represents at the Edmonton Fringe

It was a chance comment by Morgan Cranny about taking his show ReRentless (co-produced with Wes Borg) to the Edmonton Fringe that got me thinking. I knew that Ingrid Hansen (Little Orange Man), Mike Delamont (God is a Scottish Drag Queen) and Peter ‘n Chris (The Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel) had arranged a bring-your-own-venue at La Cité Francophone, but were there other Victoria-based or Victoria-connected performers appearing at this … [Read more...]