Judy! The Judy Garland Story at Blue Bridge Theatre July 15-27 2014. A review.

Judy! The Judy Garland Story currently playing at Blue Bridge at the Roxy (July 15-27) is an exuberant retrospective covering the beloved star’s career from child vaudevillian to tragedy-laden adulthood. Written in 1980 by pre-eminent Canadian playwright Paul Ledoux, Judy! has been produced a dozen times on stages across Canada since its debut at Stages Theatre in Halifax, and it’s easy to see why with its infectious rhythms and stories that … [Read more...]

Judy! The Judy Garland Story at Blue Bridge Theatre. Interview with Tracey Moore.

Judy, the Judy Garland Story, written by gifted Canadian playwright Paul Ledoux in 1980, continues to fascinate. “Judy Garland said she wanted to give her audiences blood”, declares Tracey Moore of her role in Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre’s upcoming summer production (July 15-27). “She was brilliant in her ability to present her bare heart—and people loved her for it. Today’s musical environment presents us with stylized sound bites but … [Read more...]

Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre announces Cast and Creative for Làgrimas Crueles Cruel Tears

Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre announces cast and creative for Làgrimas Crueles Cruel Tears (media release).   From Elizabethan England to our own times, the story of Othello has fascinated generations of playwrights over several centuries and in several countries. The newest playwright to adapt this classic story of racial and gender tension will be Puente Theatre's Artistic Director Mercedes Bátiz-Benét in a musical she is titling … [Read more...]

Helen’s Necklace at the Belfry Theatre – a review

What woman has not, on losing a treasured object, turned house and home upside-down, searching until it is found, remaining inconsolable if it is not?  Helen, in Carol Frechette’s miniature parable Helen’s Necklace, (Belfry Theatre) echoes the common response in an uncharacteristic way. … [Read more...]