Uncle Vanya by Blue Bridge Theatre, a review

The first impression of Blue Bridge Theatre’s Uncle Vanya  (June 4-16, 2013 at the McPherson Playhouse) is one of elegance. Designer Nathan Brown’s simple, effective and stylized panels hang like draperies in bygone châteaux or large Norman cathedrals.  The décor relies heavily on lighting (Giles Hogya) and sound (John Mills-Cockell) to create the ambience of the piece – there is a certain sense of the elegiac, of portent and fore-shadowing, and … [Read more...]

Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre presents the Chekhov classic Uncle Vanya June 4 – 16, 2013

Anton Chekhov is one of the great 19th century playwrights – on par with Shaw, Ibsen and Strindberg - yet we seldom have an opportunity to see his plays in Victoria – the last production I can remember being “Three Sisters” adapted by Amiel Gladstone for Theatre SKAM in 2010. It’s no better in Vancouver where Three Sisters is being re-mounted for the first time since 1980. Thankfully, audiences can look forward to Blue Bridge Repertory … [Read more...]