Oh My Irma – Belfry Theatre SPARK Festival 2013

From the opening freeze-frames, Oh My Irma (Belfry Theatre SPARK Festival) captures our attention, and invites us to become complicit witnesses in this crazy, quirky, dark and disturbed adventure that is the life of Mission Bird (Haley McGee). It’s a bit of a shock after the rather soothing tones of faintly Hawaiian slack guitar in the intro. Haley McGee. Photo: Jesse Griffiths Mission Bird, in the best tradition of plucky, courageous … [Read more...]

Moscow Stations by Theatre Inconnu, Fundraiser Performances

Theatre Inconnu is Victoria's longest surviving alternative theatre company, established in 1978 by Katya Kern-Aho and Clayton Jevne.  I've been a fan since 2005 when they produced The Ecstasy of Rita Joe in the round using masks. The play was almost 40 years old but this hard-hitting treatment made is as relevant to today's audience as it was in 1967. Why had it taken me so long to appreciate their offerings?  During the 1980s and 1990s I was … [Read more...]