Last Train In by Adam Grant-Warren. A review.

Last Train In by Adam Grant-Warren. A review. An audience is often complicit in how a story is told—particularly for solo artists (on the Fringe circuit and elsewhere).  Popular narratives sell tickets, thus engendering more popular narratives, ad infinitum.  Love conquers all, coming of age, overcoming a challenge—these are some of the more common tropes.  Equally popular is “person with a disability triumphs”. During the Diversity Panel … [Read more...]

My Rabbi by Sum Theatre. A review.

My Rabbi by Sum Theatre. A review. Presented by Puente Theatre at the Belfry Theatre in Victoria BC September 16-28, 2014. In a sparse 60 minutes a world of friendship, loyalty and faith is played out amidst an ever-changing global and national landscape. Arya (Kayvon Kelly) and Jacob (Joel Bernbaum) are childhood friends from Saskatoon—one Jewish, the other Muslim—who navigate their way to adulthood with little tension until faith … [Read more...]

Vancouver Fringe Festival suggestions (from the Victoria Fringe)

I am not a reviewer, but do see a lot of theatre – 38 shows at this year’s Victoria Fringe Festival (and somehow I managed NOT to see all the shows from Victoria going on to Vancouver).   Here's a list of all the shows from the Victoria Fringe that are coming to Vancouver. The productions are uniformly excellent.  However, my taste in theatre may not be yours. Caveat emptor! I've listed the shows alphabetically, as they are indexed in the … [Read more...]

Win Tickets to Red Letters by Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre

I'm excited about the upcoming performances (January 12-16 2011) of the very well received musical "Red Letters" by Vancouver-based Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre (VACT). And, thanks to the generosity of VACT, one of my readers (and a guest) will have the opportunity to attend too! (See details below). Red Letters, an original musical by creator/songwriter Alan Bau and writer Kathy Leung, tells the story of a young Chinese couple … [Read more...]