A Winter of Theatre 2016 in Victoria BC. January and February.

A Winter of Theatre in Victoria BC 2016. January and February. Over the past few years, the normally staid months of January and February have been a hive of activity as local theatre groups launch new projects and regular seasons and series. This year is no exception with 23 productions in January and February (and I'm sure more will be added as I  become aware of them).  I most apologize for the late posting of this article. The beginning of … [Read more...]

Puente Theatre presents WorldPlay 2015 in Victoria Bc

Puente Theatre presents WORLDPLAY 2015 in Victoria BC Victoria-based Puente Theatre presents a festival of staged readings of plays from around the world Sundays from February 8-March 1 at the Belfry Theatre in Studio A.  It's a chance to experience the works of artists largely unknown to anglo-Canadian audiences. This summer look for Lieutenant Nun at the Victoria Fringe Festival as Puente Theatre participates in the SKAM Remixed project … [Read more...]