Intrepid Theatre YOU Show February 2018. Tusk Turns One! and Awkward Hug. Interviews with creators.

Intrepid Theatre YOU Show February 2018. Tusk Turns One! and Awkward Hug. Interviews with creators. Tony Adams and Cory Thibert (May Can Theatre) first came to the attention of Victoria audiences at the 2016 Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival when they performed their hit satirical show Happiness TM. Soon after, Adams moved to Victoria permanently and has been performing with Monica Ogden as NicklePumpernickel. Now, they embark on another … [Read more...]

ArtSmarts Monday Magazine October 2016

ArtSmarts Monday Magazine October 2016. Spooky theatre among October events. This content was first published in the October 2016 print edition of Monday Magazine and I have been given permission to re-publish it online. For theatre enthusiast in Victoria, October represents one of the year’s busiest months with chances to experience shows in every genre in a wide variety of venues—including a scene shop and a federal institution. Whether … [Read more...]

A Fall of Theatre 2016 in Victoria BC

A Fall of Theatre 2016 in Victoria BC Fall, with its abundance of theatre performances, is once again here--I count an astonishing forty performances in the period September-December 2016 (and am sure there will be more announced! This article will be updated regularly as I become aware of them.) The Belfry Theatre celebrates a 41st season that is "Contemporary.Canadian." with an emphasis on plays by women, about women, directed by … [Read more...]

A Winter of Theatre 2016 in Victoria BC. January and February.

A Winter of Theatre in Victoria BC 2016. January and February. Over the past few years, the normally staid months of January and February have been a hive of activity as local theatre groups launch new projects and regular seasons and series. This year is no exception with 23 productions in January and February (and I'm sure more will be added as I  become aware of them).  I most apologize for the late posting of this article. The beginning of … [Read more...]

A Spring of Theatre 2015 in Victoria BC. March-May.

A Spring of Theatre 2015 in Victoria BC. March-May. Spring is a busy time in the local arts calendar.  It’s book-ended by two festivals—SPARK in March and UNO Fest in May—and features works by emerging and well-established companies—local, Canadian and international. There’s a chance to experience the classics (Waiting for Godot, Hedda Gabler), Shakespeare (Macbeth), musicals (Chorus Line Cabaret, Bye Bye Birdie, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, … [Read more...]

A Winter of Theatre 2015 in Victoria BC. January and February.

A Winter of Theatre in Victoria BC. January and February. Do you remember in The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy says “Toto, we aren’t in Kansas anymore?” That’s the way I feel about the Victoria theatre scene in January and February.  It was only a few short years ago that my theatre viewing consisted of TWO shows.  Last year there were a possible 25 if my memory serves me correctly (I saw 13), and this year is not going to be very different.  … [Read more...]

Kid Psychic and Shyface an Intrepid Theatre YOU Show October 4, 2014

Kid Psychic and Shyface, an Intrepid Theatre YOU Show, October 4, 2014. Intrepid Theatre's YOU Show series affords emerging artists the opportunity to workshop and perform their show, as a way of giving back to the community. Artists are provided rehearsal space, the use of the 55 seat Intrepid Theatre Club and the services of a technician.  The YOU Show is the brainchild of Megan Newton, Intrepid's former Operations Manager who passed away in … [Read more...]

A Fall of Theatre 2014 in Victoria BC

A Fall of Theatre 2014 in Victoria BC. Listings for shows September - December 2014. It’s time to bring back the ever popular “seasonal” posts about theatre in our wonderful capital city.  For a population of 375,000, the Capital Regional District definitely punches above its weight. I originally started the seasonal posts in 2011 because I had a difficult time myself keeping up with the many events, and figured the general population was … [Read more...]

Francine and Frankie Make Art! Interview with Waddle Waddle Production’s Randi Edmundson

Now that the Victoria Fringe Festival is finished, we return to regular programming on this website, with news, interviews, reviews and previews of upcoming productions. First up—Francine and Frankie B Make ART!, a puppet show for children and adults by Waddle Waddle Productions, Saturday September 6th at the Intrepid Theatre Club (more information at the bottom of the article). Thanks to Randi Edmundson (one of the co-creators with … [Read more...]

Theatre Recap for 2012

Following on Lois Watson's lead, (Lois is a stage manager based in Vancouver who I originally met online), here is my theatre recap for 2012.  I saw 105 productions (a far cry from Lois' 174): 67 during the regular season, and 38 at the Victoria Fringe Festival.  I've listed them in chronological order. There were 72 theatre related posts on this blog, including 28 reviews, 3 interviews, 5 seasonal posts and over 20 previews.  I'd like to … [Read more...]