Idea Wave 2012

In 2010,  Kris Constable conceived Idea Wave – a two day conference of short 10 minute presentations by people who had an idea – big or small, on any subject.  Since then, there have been three Idea Wave conferences, the latest February 25 and 26th in Victoria BC.  I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at all three and would personally like to thank Kris for creating a space/place and community for people who share a passion for thinking, ideas, invention and exploration.  Where else would you hear talks on “Be an AND person”, “Mental Time Travel”, “Building a Mini Satellite”, “How Borrowing Can Change Everything”, “Hacking Biology”, “Seaweeds as Food”  together.

Idea Waves allows the participants to be exposed to sectors they might never explore, and meet people from every walk and stage of life – united around a love of learning.

Here is the Storify I created from tweets of the event.

The #ideawave hashtag in 24 hours (Saturday to Sunday), and 205 tweets, generated 929,423 impressions, reaching an audience of 99,276 followers .  It was picked up and followed by people as far away as Nova Scotia.



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