Intrepid Theatre announces the Deep End Presentation Series for 2014

Intrepid Theatre announces the Deep End Presentation Series for 2014.

Intrepid Theatre’s recent announcement is exciting news for the local community of theatre enthusiasts.  Recently Kelly Nestruck of the Globe and Mail named Winners and Losers (appearing here April 11/12) as one of his most significant arts events of 2013, calling it “jaw-dropping”. You can read his full article here.  I saw Jeff Leard’s The Show Must Go On (scheduled for February 27th), about the trials and tribulations of being a children’s performer on tour, at this year’s Victoria Fringe Festival, and can vouch that it will have you gasping for breath with laughter.

Intrepid Theatre Deep End 2014

The Deep End is a re-visioning of the Intrepid Theatre Presents series, which ran until 2009, when provincial funding cuts brought an end to this presentation series, which brought national and international shows to The Metro and The Intrepid Theatre Club for limited engagements.

The Deep End opens up the kind of work and performance styles we program, which do not fall within our festival programming, allowing Intrepid to present more of the quality alternative theatre that local audiences have come to expect. We are excited to bring some of the most innovative, exciting, edgy and current shows to The Metro Studio and Intrepid Theatre Club through this new presentation series.

Theatre on the edge. Are you ready? Dive in.

In April, Winners and Losers plays The Metro as Intrepid Theatre brings this engaging and current piece of contemporary Canadian theatre to Victoria for two nights only as part of The Deep End Presentation Series. This production from Vancouver’s Theatre Replacement and Neworld Theatre, directed by Siminovitch prize-winner Chris Abraham, has been critically acclaimed across the globe.

Winners & Losers

Winners and Losers is a staged conversation that embraces the ruthless logic of modern-day capitalism, and tests it’s impact on our closest personal relationships. Theatre artists and long-time friends Marcus Youssef and James Long take the gloves off for a no hold’s barred match of wits and experience, putting their friendship on the line in this raw and ruthless piece of theatre.

“…one of the most exciting, intelligent – and entertaining- shows you’ll see this season.” – The Georgia Straight

The Deep End begins this month with the hit Fringe show, The Show Must Go On, created by local performer Jeff Leard, this show chronicles his time touring with a children’s theatre company – it is a hilarious road trip filled with misadventures and puked up candy hearts.

“ of the all-time great Fringe performances I’ve ever seen.” – Calgary Herald.


Gary has A Date, from Fringe sensation Emily Windler plays the Intrepid Theatre Club with two shows in March as part of The Deep End series. This one woman physical comedy is full of romance and prat falls – it’s clowning-meets-Don Knotts-meets cross-dressing.


The Deep End 2014 Presentation Series is programmed by Intrepid Theatre Artistic Director, Janet Munsil, and will be announced quarterly.

The Show Must Go On, February 27th 8pm at The Metro Studio Theatre

Gary Has A Date, March 30 & 31 8pm at The Intrepid Theatre Club

Winners and Losers, April 11 & 12 8pm at The Metro Studio

Tickets on sale now at


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