Sewage Treatment Educational Forum Thurs May 26th

This came across my desk yesterday:

Here’s information from the Esquimalt Resident’s Association on a Sewage Treatment Educational Forum Thursday May 26th 7-9 pm, at SJ Willis High School Auditorium, 923 Topaz Avenue, Victoria BC.

Some background:

July 21, 2006 BC Environment Minister Barry Penner first directed the CRD (Capital Regional District) to come up with a plan for sewage treatment.

July 21, 2006 to August 25, 2010 CRD studies the issues, seeks feedback and input and produces a sewage treatment plan.

Aug. 25, 2010 the Province of BC approves the CRD Sewage Treatment Plan. McLoughlin Point in Esquimalt is chosen as the site for treatment of sewage flows.

The implementation of this plan (and construction of a sewage treatment plant) will cost the residents of the Capital Regional District a conservative $1 – $1.2 Billion.

Other websites for further research:

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This issue impacts all residents of the CRD – wherever you stand on the issue, here is another opportunity to hear from world class scientific leaders on some of the implications of the chosen strategy.

As a former resident of Esquimalt, I urge you to become educated on the issue, and the choice made by the CRD.

Presenting an Educational Forum
“Understanding Wastewater Management in Victoria – Do we have the RIGHT plan?”

7-9 pm Thursday May 26, 2011 at SJ Willis High School Auditorium, 923 Topaz Ave., Victoria

Dear: Residents of Greater Victoria

There is much doubt that a land-based sewage treatment plant belongs anywhere in Victoria. Now there is another regional mega-project to consider, light rail transit. For the first time, citizens across Victoria have the opportunity to collectively explore more information about Wastewater Management from experts who have no commercial stake in the outcome, apart from being reliable taxpayers like the rest of us.

We are organizing an educational forum, with speakers from a variety of disciplines and an opportunity for questions from the floor. Headlining the speakers panel will be Dr. Jack Littlepage, Dr. Andrea Copping, Dr. Richard Stanwick, Dr. Rebecca Warburton and Dr. Shaun Peck.

The Forum will offer up-to-date information about:
– Victoria’s marine environment and the impact of our current and proposed systems
– Human health concerns with the current and proposed systems
– Resource recovery opportunities; sludge disposal concerns
– The effect of present and proposed regulations
– Economic and social impacts; cost-benefit analysis
– Specific recommendations regarding the best environmental bang for the buck

We are seeking your support for this Forum.

This is an important regional issue, demanding a broad, grassroots level of engagement. It’s the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken in Victoria. It will add several hundred dollars to everyone’s tax bill for years and years. It is important to get it right! If we are to influence our municipal councils, and through them the CRD, we need to fully understand the options.

Yours, sincerely,
Esquimalt Residents Association

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  1. Thanks so much for spreading the word about this important public discussion. Victoria and Esquimalt residents need to understand the options and implications.

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