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My friend Peggy Frank of Positively Africa sends along a request for books for children in Zimbabwe from Doug Funk

 I need books for Zimbabwean school children and young adults. I will be sending a 20 foot steel container of books from Victoria to Harare, Zimbabwe. I hope to pack the container around June 20,3 weeks away, next month. I have around 5,000 books thanks to the Compassionate Warehouse in Esquimalt but would love to double that amount.

What I need are reading books  … something that will help Zimbabwean school children to learn the love of reading. If you have 1 book, 10 books or more, all are welcome.

I have helped start a new “learning to read” program  in Zimbabwe called THRASS, and it’s working great. Early reports are of a 50% increase in literacy within 6 months. That’s terrific but the kids have no books to read! You can help!!!

I need anything from kindergarten “learning to read material” right though to high school and adult novels. Please carefully select any books you may consider giving that they are appropriate (no werewolves, demons, nothing to sexual, etc.)

Also, no text books as they use a very different curriculum there.

You can drop your books off at my house, call or email for location and to arrange drop off.

(            250-370-0077      )

dougsolon at gmail dot com


Please pass this message on to your book club, church, office school, friends, anyone that you think would be willing to help.

Thanks for anything you can do to help!!!   … Doug

THRASS stands for Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills. Developed in the UK for kids there. It is now moving around the world.

If your interested in THRASS, have a look at these websites:

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