Empire Avenue – a beginning


Empire Avenue is an Edmonton based company that uses social gaming to measure your influence across the social web.  You can connect your existing accounts on Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook (profile and page) and even your blog (the latter needing to be verified).

Some people choose to use Empire Avenue passively, much like Klout, PeerIndex or even Twitalyzer, but there is an aspect of Empire Avenue that is actively trading “stocks” in people, whether they be friends (on and offline) or not.

I learned about Empire Avenue from (e)JOSH and (e)ALLIE who were involved in the private friends and family beta, more than a year ago. At the time I thought “what am I going to do about one MORE thing on the social web?”.

Well – here I am, with a new community to integrate.  Like any community, there are people who will help, and those who prefer to keep it “all about me”.

If you think you might like to give Empire Avenue a try, here’s an invitation link.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I earn 2000 eaves (the virtual currency) if you sign up using the link.  Once you’ve signed up, you can get your own link too!

You will find me here on Empire Avenue; I may be a relative newbie, but I’m more than willing to help in any way I can. Ask away!

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