Madeleine Wood: Intimate Views at Madrona Gallery

Madrona Gallery is one of  the newest galleries in downtown Victoria,  offering some extremely interesting exhibits, and contributing to the conversation on the nature of art.  Their newest feature opens February 11th with a retrospective of Madeleine Wood.

Michael Warren, gallery owner, writes:

Madeleine is based up in Fanny Bay now although spent the majority of her career in Vancouver. The piece “So much for Love”  I am very excited to show. It has been exhibited publicly at the Nanaimo Art Gallery and Richmond Art Gallery. The process of documenting a month of your life in a 12×12 inch square then compiling those influences into a 5 x 18 foot patchwork of those squares creates a very powerful piece. Visually it moves from squares documenting events to blocks of colour representing mood to symbolic elements important in Madeleine’s life. The end result is a very personal look at the artists life.


“So Much For Love” by Madeleine Wood. Image provided.

“Kevin Kempt” by Madeleine Wood. Image provided.

This exhibition represents two decades of work from Madeleine Wood. Her career has been based in Montreal, Vancouver and now Vancouver Island. Over the last 20 years Wood has produced a number of important bodies of work, which are featured in this exhibition, that have ranged in subject matter from figurative to still-life. The common element that weaves together all of Wood’s paintings is the compositional element of taking a segment of the whole. This lures the viewer in, raising questions of context and allowing the viewer to speculate on the story within each piece. This approach heightens design elements placing a prominence on lines and angles created. Its effect is to abstract the subject matter and allow your eye to move freely throughout the work.


Intimate Views: Madeleine Wood 1993 – 2012

February 11th – 25th

Opening February 11th 1-4pm with artist in attendance

Madrona Gallery

606 View St.
Victoria, BC

T: 250 380 4660

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