Social Media Year in Review, January 2010 Victoria BC

The year began January 2nd with a movie #victoriatweetup . Cindy Stephenson looked down the row of people and said “a year ago I didn’t know one of these ppl”. It’s the power of Twitter. (I met Frans Jonker at that tweetup!). 

Although it took until the fall of 2010 for them to become regular, the first WestShore tweetup was January 8th. 

Social Media Club Victoria continued to attract powerful international speakers. Julien Smith, co-author with Chris Brogan of “Trust Agents, brought his unique style to Victoria for a presentation on January 20th.  (And returned for Social Media Camp in October – we were lucky!!) 

The Blue Bridge counter petition successfully met it’s goal. Organizers Ross Crockford, Yule Heibel and Mat Wright used social media extensively to rally supporters, petition signers, and media attention through Johnson Street

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